The Family Behind the Farm - The Wielers

About Us

The name of our farm was inspired by our youngest. When talking about the move we were going to make, from BC to MB, the prospect of chickens on our land (for starters) was a huge bonus. A white chicken who we would call Baymax just had to happen! So followed having Hiro, GoGo, HoneyLemon, Wasabe, and Fred - the original 'Big Hero 6'. "But what about Tadashi and Aunt Cass?" she asked. And so here we are, Big Hero 8 Farm. We haven't come from farming families, but we're no strangers to growing good produce on the land we've had, and loving our animals well. Our 5 acres with its endless possibilities brings us joy and excitement, as we plant, and grow, and nurture, and learn, and love.